Rudolph the Red-Nosed “Reindeer Cookies”

Alright. How cute are these?!? These cookies make a great treat for class parties, teacher gifts, family gatherings, or holiday parties! My family got a kick out of these! All I used was a gingerbread man cookie cutter to get the shape! I never knew that trick before. Flip a gingerbread man upside down and you get a reindeer head. Adorable!

This recipe is SO simple… mainly because I used a store bought sugar cookie mix, and frosting (GASP) BUT these cookies honestly are delicious!!! Obviously, you can use your own sugar cookie recipe or frosting recipe if you prefer but using this store bought bag Betty Crocker Baking Mix, Sugar Cookie Mix, 17.5 Oz and baking it at about 335-340 degrees, they were delicious! Also, I am raising three children. The more simple I can make my life, the better!


Betty Crocker Baking Mix, Sugar Cookie Mix, 17.5 Oz

You’ll need these things to go with the cookie dough mix (egg, butter, few tablespoons of flour)

Betty Crocker, Rich & Creamy Frosting, Milk Chocolate, 16oz Tub (Pack of 3)

Wilton Candy Eyeballs,0.88 Ounce,Count of 50

Sixlets Red 2lb (For the red nose, you can use m&ms, a dab of red frosting, sixlets… be creative!)

Alright. Let’s get started!

Preheat your oven first! I usually keep my oven a little lower (usually at 335-340) and bake for the recommended time. I just like my cookies a little softer and not as crispy.

Follow the directions on the cookie dough package. Roll out your dough, and use the gingerbread man cookie cutter. Place the cookies on a sprayed cookie sheet and bake until slightly golden.

Once cooled, make sure your gingerbread man is upside down (legs at the top for the antlers) Dab some frosting on and put your eye sprinkles on, and your nose on.

Simple as that!!! I told you, it’s pretty easy. Nothing fancy at all about the recipe BUT the cookies look and taste like you put forth great effort.

Feel free to share and leave me some comments of how much everyone enjoyed your cookies!!! Until next time!

Published by The Homestead Bakery

So, what can I tell you about myself? I’m a wife, a mother of three, raising cattle and hogs, and boarding a horse! My life really isn’t that hectic. I enjoy the holidays, baking, decorating, crafting, and I plan to share all of it with you!

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